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Tourney Rules

Our tourneys are focused on fun and learning about other cultures.  

Play will be subject to Hockey Alberta Rules for 10 and 11 year old players.

  • There will be 2 4 team round robin groups (3 games) then on Sunday teams shall play a team from the other group.
  • Each team will play 4 games.
  • The schedule will be preset and published here.  
  • Games will be 3 x 15 minute, stop time periods in a 90 minute time slot.  Clock will be dropped as needed to finish the game on time.
  • Ties are left as ties.
  • 2 Referees per game.
    • Each Major Penalty awards will result in an expulsion from the current game and a 1 game suspension:
  • 2 Referees and 1 timekeeper per game.
There will be an All Star Competition composing of 3 events. Each Team will select 3 players for the competition. There will be 4 contests:
  • SPRINT Goal line to Blue line sprint.
    • 2 groups of 4 then the 2 fastest from each group (3 races)
  • 5 STATION STICKHANDLE Goal line to Goal Line and back 5 station stickhandle.  2 stations, players race and winner advances.
    • 2 groups of 4 then the 2 fastest from each group (3 races)
  • SHOOTOUT, 8 shooters 2 nets and 2 goalies (the 2 goalies are from the game just before the All Star Competition.  3 shots each, top 2 from each group meet in a final sudden death shootout.

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